10 Reasons to Join

#10    Our quarterly meetings last just one hour!

#9      This is major fundraising event transforms compassion into action.

#8      100% of your donation goes directly to the charity.

#7      It’s fun!  Arrive early, stay late, socialize, network and enjoy appies & drinks with our


#6      You’ll know exactly what impact your donation made when the representatives of

           the chosen charities come to a subsequent meeting to explain how they used the 


#5      You’ll be able to nominate local organizations which you are passionate about and in  

           turn others will learn about their good works.

#4      You’ll learn about a wide variety of local charities.

#3      You’ll have an impact on your community even if you personally cannot

           commit a lot of time to volunteer

#2      You greatly increase the dollar impact of your own contribution in your local 

           community by pooling it with the contributions of other women.

           #1   IT JUST MAKES YOU FEEL GOOD!